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I am a creative professional writer, artist and teacher focused on 3D design visualization and animation education. I have wide-ranging experience in the fields of software development and training. I am an award-winning technical writer who has worked for the product education division of one of the world's largest software companies. I most recently served as an application engineer and instructor for one of the largest Autodesk resellers worldwide.

I am an industry veteran who has been successful at a variety of different positions. I am extremely proficient as a demonstration artist, a skilled presenter comfortable creating and delivering presentations to large groups of people in-person or virtually. I am an enthusiastic trainer, I've taught countless individuals 3ds Max over the past decade. I am a competent production artist, I regularly do design visualization projects using 3ds Max and mental ray. I am also a technical editor, generally working on 2 – 5 different 3ds Max books per year. I can also manage projects, I often work with virtual teams to create documentation and courseware.

Professional History  

IMAGINIT Technologies Application Engineer (2006 to 6/2009)

Teach 3-day instructor led classes in design visualization and animation to architects and engineers. Write a Blog with 3ds Max and mental ray tips and tricks. Write courseware for Autodesk Authorized Training Center usage. Do production 3d modeling and rendering for design visualization jobs. Handle product support for 3D customers nationwide. Recruit for positions within the company.

AUTODESK/DISCREET, San Rafael , CA Senior Technical Writer (1998–2004)

Wrote and illustrated tutorials and reference manuals for 3ds Max animation software.

  • Produced award-winning tutorial collection
  • Created user manuals, installation guides and online help systems using single-source methodology.

AUTODESK/DISCREET, San Rafael , CA Demo Artist /Animator (1996–1998)

Wrote and performed humorous software demonstrations before large crowds at trade shows and conferences. Led end-user training seminars for corporations.

•  Played a key role in the successful Introduction of a new flagship product (3ds max) for 3d animation to the video game and high-end film industries, resulting in the highest market share in video gaming.

AUTODESK/DISCREET, San Rafael , CA Product Manager (1994–1995)

Handled all phases of planning, producing and launching animation software.

•  Took a 2D product that was over budget and over deadline and guided project through to completion, resulting in a successful launch and shipment of $1 million of software in the first week.

•  Created presentations for press tour, created art for print ads. Appeared on television shows and webcasts as a presenter and trainer

  AUTODESK/DISCREET, San Rafael , CA Trainer/Instructor (1991–1994)

Taught five-day classes in 3-D animation product use and how to demo and sell the product.

  •   Instructed dealer and education channels worldwide, resulting in an increase in sales from 2,000 units to 50, 000 in three years.
  •   Trained an extensive network of dealer and education channel instructors.

AUTODESK/DISCREET, San Rafael , CA Software QA Analyst (1990–1991)

Tested first version of 3D Animation Software, created and executed test designs, did production testing. Trained technical writers, demonstrated software at tradeshows and exhibitions, created images for inclusion with software program.

FAIR, ISAAC COMPANIES, San Rafael , CA 1985 - 1990 Cartoonist/ Presentation Graphics Specialist

FAIR, ISAAC COMPANIES, San Rafael , CA Presentation Graphics Dept. Manager 1989 – 1990

Responsible for producing all sales support presentation materials. Created cartoons for monthly newsletter, cartoons and graphics for conference presentations. Responsible for writing, illustrating and producing slides for sales presentations via computer animation system and film recorder.

JUST CLOSETS, Inc, San Rafael , CA 1984 - 1985 Advertising Manager/Art Director

Responsible for creating copy and artwork for newspaper and magazine ads, acting as a one man agency for 13 franchises from Alaska to San Diego . Produced catalogs, did product shoots, created props for stores, created illustrations and mechanicals for ads and newsletters.

PACIFIC SUN NEWSPAPERS, Mill Valley CA 1983-1984 Community Affairs Reporter

Responsible for covering all major community affairs issue for weekly newspaper. This included covering Marin County Supervisor meetings, San Quentin prison reform, and investigative reporting .




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